21 Birth Days is a birth photography project. Over the next several months, I hope to photograph 21 unique births.  I am hoping at the completion of the project to publish a book featuring images from all the births.

I am accepting applications for 21 Birth Days!
If you are expecting a baby and fit any on the list below please feel free to apply.

Looking for
✓ Natural with or without pain meds Hospital Birth
✓ High Risk
✓ Labor in bath
✓ Previous fertility issues – invetro

ESPECIALLY NEEDING the following!!
✓ Home birth
✓ Water birth
✓ Adopting parents – will be at birth
✓Multiples – twins, triplets, etc.
✓ Birth mom over age of 38
✓ Birth after loss of child’s father.
✓ Adopting parents – will not be at birth
✓ Surrogacy
✓ Same sex marriage – non traditional
✓ Military with father over seas

Application for 21 Birth Days


2 thoughts on “HOME

  1. I’m due August 10 and will prob go end of July beginning of August first vbac but baby #6 the father is not involved. It’s a boy! First 3 natural 4th inducted 5 emergency CS hoping for vbac for this little guy! I’m 37! Kids ages now are 19,18,16,4,2 oh and a grandbaby that is 2months old. Not sure if I meet the criteria but just to give u some background! I’m also located in Fort Wayne in


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